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Unique Contemporary Bathroom Ceramic tile design inspiration by Franco Pecchioli

amazing bathroom with ceramic tile design
Inspired by the water of life, modern bathroom tile shows a new collection of Italian designer Franco Pecchioli that definitely give you some great ideas. To inspire you, we have included many images with exceptional tile design.

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Contemporary Interior Hotel designed by Kengo Kuma Architect

Architecture Interior House Hotel, designed by Kengo Kuma & Associates, The Opposite House Hotel is curled up in Beijing, China with a beautiful 98-room penthouse unique and extraordinary lie on two floors of the building. 99 guest rooms with contemporary hotel is one of the largest in Beijing with more than half to more than [...]

Contemporary L-House Architecture Design by Philippe Stuebi Architect in Switzerland

L-House contemporary architecture of this house is not only designed with a modern style, but also built in contemporary architectural architecture.

modern designer house in the Hollywood Hills

House with a luxury model is a symbol of celebrity hollywood elite, with kotemporer alloys. house designed by architect Angelo Cassiello, with interiors created by Luis Ortega Design Studio.Panorama an invaluable starting from the city and the stunning sea. Steel, glass and stone house provides luxury at every opportunity, with three bedrooms and four bathrooms [...]

Modern Cool Reading Corner with Bench and Bookshelves Storage Furniture Design

Modern Cool Reading Corner with Bench and Bookshelves Storage Furniture Design

cool reading corner furniture design plans
There are few activities as a relaxing and enjoyable reading. Those who like the two have usually their own special point of reading in bed, where they want to go in the words of a writer who knows what deliciously lost. What you see in the picture below is a [...]