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Modern Simple Airy Beach House Decor Renovation Design – p_House by Ras-a

modern airy beach house renovation design

p_House was of the Ras and in Redondo Beach, a city of the Greater Los Angeles beaches. This small post-war home renovation into a modern living and working conditions in nursing homes for young couples. Because of budget constraints and the environment, recycling of the original house as much as possible.

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Modern Luxury And Minimalist Architecture House Design for Inspiration in Johannesburg by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects

modern luxury house architecture design
Design modern house on 4000 square meters are located Eccleston Road, a 1400 square meters of new homes Bryanston by Nico van der Meulen & Werner Nico van der Meulen is designed cc Architects.

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A Single Family House Architecture Design Overlooking Fields and Fyn Beech Forest

single family house concept architecture design
This house is a beautiful family on a hill overlooking the fields and beech woods Fyn away. The company consists of two boxes, which was conducted in stone composite simple gray, custom-made. Side view of the fields and forests, characterized by large windows that invite natural light inside.

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Contemporary Wooden Home Architecture Design, a Comfortable Way to Escape 2.8.10

Located in the Czech Republic, a modern wooden house was built by the architect Prodesi | Domesi serve as a getaway for the customer. And what a way to escape! The modern wooden house in a beautiful natural environment and built a quiet, close to rivers.

Modern Temporary House Architecture of Sheldon Avenue House in London

Sheldon Avenue home is located on the plot a long, relatively narrow width in overtime Heath Conservation Area Highgate, London. The project was completed in 2003 by architects Belsize. structure of the contemporary home in nature, but the context surrounding the integration by existing forms. The design is reminiscent of a series of cells organized [...]

Modern Fresh Indoor Plants Layout Decoration for Eco-Friendly Designs

Modern Fresh Indoor Plants Layout Decoration for Eco-Friendly Designs

This article is very useful for all who live in big cities, who want to make the room of your house be cleaner air quality. with all the pollutants and gases that are outside the home.

The Courtyard modern House by Ripple Design

modern house design Designed by Thomas Robertson of Ripple Design, the Courtyard House is located in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.
The home is currently for sale through Jan Horn – here.