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Multifunctional Comfortable Practical Bathroom Solution for Small Apartment by Spiritual Mode

Even with limited bath space, there are some important things and basic fixture designs that we need to follow, so that our bathrooms are safe and functional. Different areas may have some typical requirements and design parameters specified by the concerned departments and we should take care to follow them because they are well studied… continue reading


Modern Small Apartment Interior Decor with Retro Touches Design Ideas

contemporary retro white apartment design ideas Modern design small apartment area is done by architecture G. The Apartment of 160 square meter is located in barcelona, spain. The interior of small apartment design is looks contemporary with retro retouch design.


Modern Minimalist Small Apartment Create Interior Decoration Design Ideas

awesome interior decorating small apartment designs Here is an overview of two charming loft bedroom that you inspiration for those who need ideas for decorating bring small apartment design. This beautiful box has a total area of 71 square meters and consists of a create livingroom, bedroom, hallway, spacious kitchen, bathroom and terrace.


Elegant Red Nest Modular Decoration Furniture In Small Apartment Space Design

modern red modular bookshelves integrated bed Red Nest is an attractive design that makes the most of small apartments. It’s modular design, which offers plenty of space for storage, resting and working conditions, but I’ll see you there no area of the kitchen. Coat of red paint with a few strategically placed mirrors make the… continue reading


Unique Bubbles Box for Micro Hotel Concept Model Architectural Design Ideas

bubble boxes small apartments architecture design You always have to fly to the next destination and the hotel after booking a hotel? And if there are different ways to relax between flights, such as the right to micro-hotel at the airport? The hotel micro bubbles in the image below at home, while his occasional and… continue reading


Cozy Contemporary Decorating Interiors Design in Small Two-Level Apartment

contemporary interior design small apartment design two floors, located in Moscow and designed by Andrey Zharnitsky Studio. The first area is about 200 square meters, while the second is only 45 square meters. Interior as a whole is designed in a modern style, especially on the issue of natural colors. Played in sequence, depending on… continue reading

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