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Modern Limited Edition Pixelize Bed for Digital Dreaming by Spanish designer, Cristian Zuzunaga 1.8.10

limited edition pixelated bed furniture design

Here is an unusual bed limited edition pixelize your living space. Spanish designer, Cristian Zuzunaga to speed come with luxury beds and pixelated to the purchase at a price of $ 58.430 (€ 45,000) at year-end 2010 available. While this is a great idea and can be a highly original addition to any bedroom, this price is only for collectors.

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Modern Contemporary House Architecture Filled with Natural Light and Black & White Exterior

contemporary house with black and white exterior
This house is Candamo contemporary, Spanish and designed by the architect OmasC. This relatively new and was built in 2009. Rural site provides a parking space close enough to home that are placed by a stone slab on the ground connected. The house consists of two pieces are connected together and a day and a night zone.

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Luxury Glass and Stone Home – Coastal House Design by Swiss Fine Line

Luxury homes designed by architectural design of Swiss Fine Line to create a stunning beach house to frame a view of making the award. Rich dark finished wood floors contrast with the clean contemporary neutral palette, and yet eclectic minimalist interior. Outside the area invites entertaining live from the inside out. Set along [...]

Spectacular Residence Interior Design Architecture with Photo

Residence converted spectacular waterfront next to the tranquil gardens. Beautifully constructed and modified in a beautiful & re-by Paul Fedusiak of “House Goldwood designed and Susan Parker’s”Parker house designs, offers breathtaking scenery and the residence full of beautiful coastline with natural surroundings.

Ultra Luxury French Castle Architecture Design by John Henry Architect AIA

designed by John Henry Architect AIA, Renaissance residence in the French Grand Manor. Total area: about 2586 27 840 M2 or SF.

Stunning Home with Large Glass Exterior Design Oakland Residence with Dramatic Views of San Francisco Bay

Stunning Home with Large Glass Exterior Design Oakland Residence with Dramatic Views of San Francisco Bay

modern stunning home architecture design ideas
Here is a modern house Kanner Architects. House Oakland, California, is a fascinating project and the size of a spectacular landscape. Located in the Oakland Hills, has the building been tried with success record and a breathtaking view over the bay of San Francisco.