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Modular Small Prefab Home Plans by HIVE Modular

modular prefab house design plan
Hive Modular sells some models modern modular homes with an emphasis on excellent architectural design. Small B-Line is a model with a flat roof design tone. This is a 990-square-foot house with six rooms, two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom. The price is $ 185/sq ft to build. Cladding of houses is done in the fiber-cement.

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contemporary courtyard house design located in Washington

home design made by Hutchison & Maul Architecture has taken property benefits and drawbacks, and which has made them work in support of this unique design, contemporary design. The Courtyard House is sitting quietly on the long, narrow and steep slope, surrounded by woods and overlooks the harbor. Features of the house plan sites, which [...]

The Modern Yorkville Residence by Taylor Smyth Architects in Toronto, Canada

Located in the heart of Yorkville, Toronto, the dramatic Yorkville Residence is a delight to those who love bold shades and brilliant architecture. Taylor Smyth Architects is a Toronto based practice dedicated to excellence in design and client service, and the creation of environtments of distiction. only enhanced by a beautiful dark exterior that [...]

L-Shaped house and Crafts Styles Modern House Designed by Nicholas Cark Architects

house designed by Nicholas CARK Architects with L-shaped concept can be seen the details of natural stone cladding of the exterior appearance as the art of this house. Cladding stone into the mainstream arts and crafts style of modern architecture is applied to a visible place to live comfortably. The shape is meant to accommodate [...]

Modern Water Cooled Tropical House System Architecture Design by Wallflower

This tropical house to house developed inverse planning and the general hierarchy of norms in the planning of local housing. To fully appreciate the natural environment and diverse adult and stretch the potential for visual depth and distance, drawing room and study are located in a pavilion on the second floor.