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Modern Japanese Tea House – Sheet Metal Architecture in Japan – design by Ks Architects

Traditional house with a thick Japanese style is located in Osaka, Japan. made of metal, this tea house. And if tea is not your thing, then you can just sit and appreciate the work of this modern architecture. Designed by Ks forward-thinking architects led by Architects Hiroaki Kimura, metal tea house is the gem industry set style tranquility in the midst of trees and ponds. But somehow, a simple sheet steel that characterize this contemporary home design really works. Flip-over roof overhang floor to ceiling windows flanking the front of this contemporary traditional house, creating protected areas with adequate space for knees and sipped a traditional Japanese tea while taking in a quiet neighborhood. Ks Architects

japanese home-interior design

japanese home-interior design


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Modern Black House Designed by Bower Architects

modern house designed Bower Architects, box-shaped houses a large and elegant black tin-roofed block to look beautiful. Not only outside, in the room has a clean layout filled with natural light and fresh air. A minimalist indoor park became the center focus of the page.
home design architect

home design architect

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luxury home in Sao Paolo, Brazil – with amazing outdoor

Luxury homes designed by architects Bernardes Jacobsen, was inspired by the heat of the world’s five star resort, this modern house in Sao Paolo, Brazil is a hidden oasis. Secretly hidden behind a wall of green grass, this luxury home offers a stone and wood for the exterior, with the scenery outside the house in the area. Palm trees reaching high above the lap pool, which stood between the beautiful and the swimming pool enclosure modern interior glass. The interior also boasts shades of this function, allows for bright, naturally lit interior while. Like the outdoors, the interior is designed with relaxation in mind, keeping it simple with minimalist as simple palette and luxurious details.

luxury home with amazing outdoor

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Japanese architect home

Modern house with Japanese architectural style is located in Nagoya, Japan designed the model home office design. with a simple exterior. contemporary print. white box, with a few details and the glass just gracing the ground floor facade. to appear, where you will be surprised to find a tri-level balcony that opens every floor [...]

Unique Spiral Structure Architecture Design of Evolver by Alice Studio

Evolver see the elegant spiral structure is built entirely of wood, which is located beside a clear mountain lake near Zermatt, Switzerland. In total, 24 round wood frame Evolver formed bone, while the wooden bar add structure and support.

The Big Glass Black Appearance Building Remodeling Design Ideas

This is glass, which successfully re-brand of Port Macquarie is a major regional conference, arts and musical performances by the players. It was designed by Tonkin Zoelaikha Greer. Viewers of this building is a V-shaped timber in the back. They refuse to have a sound and shape of the hole covered with a cloth [...]

The Modern Elegant Family Home Remodeling Design by Enoki

This is a beautiful and unique design of Enoch. This house Hahndorf in South Australia. This is an elegant space in which classical and contemporary styles to meet. Brick, wood and rich textures Cumulus Drop 25 to get the whole elegant and unique setting. When you visit this site, you can get the best [...]

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