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Ultra Luxury French Castle Architecture Design by John Henry Architect AIA

luxury residence french castle design

designed by John Henry Architect AIA, Renaissance residence in the French Grand Manor. Total area: about 2586 27 840 M2 or SF.

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Modern Blue Residence Architecture Design Inspiration in Greece 1.8.10

The luxury blue residence is located only 23 kilometers from Athens, modern home blue bring a new force of this particular historical side of the world. Designed by the architects of Greece Nikos Koukourakis, Dionysus, this modern house has a beautiful blue facade, the friendly combined with impressive swimming in blue creates a unique [...]

Luxury homes and eco-friendly tree house

Luxury homes and eco-friendly elements that make it comfortable to live. houses with an area of 167m2 with concrete materials, wood and glass gives charm southern exposure with spectacular natural scenery and a row of the Los Angeles basin. The second level houses overhang the concrete deck below. Overall, the house offers a strong [...]

Simple Prefab Modular Wooden Home Architectural Design Plans on Prefabricated

Simple Prefab Modular Wooden Home Architectural Design Plans on Prefabricated

prefab modular small homes architectural design
It is a small modular wooden house designed by Frank Lars Nielsen, Denmark for Swedish companies ones Studio Add-A-Room. It is therefore possible to build pre-fabricated a small house or addition to the 15 existing modules square meters.

Contemporary Modern Living Room Decorating Designs Ideas With Contrast Color

Here is an article about modern contemporary living room with sofa contrast wall paint color from black and gray. accessorize with some white side table and tall floor lamp black, red spot (or Bordeaux) carpet in front of the couch and voila … You have a very dramatic and inviting guest room design. Shown [...]