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The Minimalist Rincon Bates Town REsidence Architecture Design , a Maze of Contemporary Living 1.8.10

minimalist town residence exterior design inspiration

Here is a modern house, in line with the trends of contemporary life and at the same time retain some unique design elements. The Bates House’s Rincon Studio27 Architecture, is located on Capitol Hill, Washington DC. After our lives are perfect in the residential area built by the famous, right? Interior design from scratch is an old house, the creation of open space and focus on the connection to the outside and natural ventilation.

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Modern Unique McBride’s Experimental House Design in Hawthorn

experimental house design in hawthron
McBride Charles Ryan is an Australian home-design company, specializing in the majority of experimental design. Your other projects, Klein Bottle House mathematical experiment, if the house trying to create an atmosphere dominated at home with no unnecessary parts. By selectively removing part of the globe, there is an inner sense of being inside and surrounded by gardens. Shell Ball also offers a beautiful interior in the first floor.


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Minimalist Architecture Malvern House by Nicholas Day in Australia

This minimalist home architecture called Malvern House taken from the place where the house is located. Malvern House is located in the state kangaroos on the outskirts of Melbourne’s Malvern, Malvern Australia.This House has recently been listed for sale by agent RT Edgar

Design Inspiration of Modern Warm Bedroom Interior Decorating by Huelsta

Design Inspiration of Modern Warm Bedroom Interior Decorating by Huelsta

Recently many people work hard every day then they forget to take care of their health. The stress factor is leak of sleep. Then one of the factors they are leak of sleep is they do not have a comfort bedroom. This is the best solution to be your inspiration to decorate your bedroom, a [...]

Futuristic Stylish and Convertible Triangle Multifunctional V-two Sofa Seat

Sofa bed modern and elegant, this could be a solution for those of you who want to lounge or in your room a different look. DesignJoo design and excellent V-twin sofa pull clean and multifunctional.

Unique Interior Apartment design by Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec

Apartment interior design, designed by Emmanuel Dominique Combarel Architects Marrec unique looks with the request additional rooms in the middle of the pregnant white cube volume of suspension that produces comics and confusing to use the situation. Interior designer, is a former artist’s studio caracterised by the difference in height of the stock volume of [...]