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3D Wall Craft Storage Boxes Organized System of Home Interior Decoration

Wall storage system designed by young designers of Oslo as an organized home interior decoration is perfect for storing your favorite accessories and collectibles. Wall storage boxes and unique design with plenty of storage rectangle drawn into irregular wake which is made of plastic material thick mica is the art of creative crafts colorful. 3D… continue reading

Amazing Creative T-house Residence Interior Layout Designs Inspired Traditional Japanese House

Inspired by traditional Japanese house, the T house uses the available space with a maximum. With the influence of Japan, designed by Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio, distorted pentagonal structure is located in Tsushima City, a small village in the vicinity of Nagoya, Japan. This young couple wanted to be different, with a unique design, modern… continue reading

Unique Lounge Chairs Design of Stainless Steel Pipes by Objekt Incorporated

Lounge chairs unique design of stainless steel pipes is made by London Objekt Incorporated. Design a simple lounge chair with composition of the material steel tube frame chair follow. Framework of stainless steel with fabric cushions that provide comfort for the user. Soft core foam pillows for seating comfortable stainless steel tube.

Chaise Lounge Chairs Colorful Unique Design Hand Shape for the Young at Heart

Chaise lounge chairs unique hand shape design offers colorful. Chair loungers for outdoor or indoor decoration. Modern style furniture is more suited for Poolside lounge chairs. Outdoor Chaise lounge chairs sunbathing furniture ideal for toddlers and young children. Options offered by the indigo color pink, red, black, multi-color and blue. Young luxurious modern furniture coated… continue reading


The Exquisite Family Residence Home from Antonio Sofan Architecture and Interiors Studio

modern family residence architecture design ideas Located in Monteria, Colombia, the home of this beautiful family residence came from Antonio Sofan and interior design studio and has a unique design in blue. The house was in the valley of the nerve, as one of the most fertile soils of the world known and have built… continue reading


Modern Display Style Storage Wall Boxes – Cornell Boxes by Tecta

modern decorative wall boxes by tecta English architect Alison Smithson designed the box Cornell in 1988. It was built by Joseph Cornell, American artist, who collected and compared carefully to objects in simple boxes, inspired mostly found in glass. Recently, a furniture manufacturer based in Germany, Tecta, began production of the boxes.

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