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Decorative Magnetic Wall Panels to Beautify Your Home Furnishings

Decorative wall panels for your home furnishings become more beautiful. Wall panels are designed by Italian company Presoto by issuing a series ModulArt design. Interior wall decoration panels furnishing innovative magnetic systems. Textured wall panels magnetic furniture unit premises make your room beautiful modern furniture and decoration. Innovation magnetic texture wall panels furniture units


Modern Cool Pixel Cubes Wall Shelves Storage Cabinets System Design by Umlaute Designbureau

cool wall storage cabinets system design Modern Cool rack storage Pixel wall unit with an umlaut Design Bureau to do a simple and practical. This is a whole container with 5 or 8 are in bright colors, including green, orange, integrated red, yellow, blue, white and black.


Stylish and Modern Wall – Wood Magazine Holder Flow by HeadSprung

Flow is wall-rack design studio based in London designed Headsprung. It is very simple, yet stylish magazine organizers, the perfect complement for modern decor. It is made of powder coated steel and comes in a bright red color. Black version will be published in the near future.