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Sustainable Seagrass – Living Room Design Idea from Pottery Barn

Very durable, sustainable and rich in tone variation, seagrass and abaca both ideal for relaxed living spaces such as porch, patio and conservatory. Barn’ve ceramics was to create hand-woven over wooden frames to furniture with the same high quality of its construction as pieces of cloth.

Modern Simple Greene Space Performance hall Concept Design in Manhattan

Greene Space This theater in Manhattan. WNYC receive LEED Gold for Commercial Interior honor of Jerome L. Greene Area. This room was built so that ordinary people live in the WNYC registration event, and remember that from bottom to top. Greene Room is a special case of LEED certification.

Modern The Titan Sofa and Chair Furniture design Inspiration Ideas by Carlos Gastelum Architect

the titan sofa and chair are upholstered with polyurethane foam over a wood frame with brushed aluminum legs in satin finish. [via]

New Modern House Concept Architecture House DesignVitra by Herzog and de Meuron

Architects Herzog & de Meuron to create, such as the establishment of this structure houses a collection of new architectural concept of family includes several families living in the home, the conceptual design of the house together. Vitra new residential concept of a five-storey building, there were 12 separate houses. They range from the [...]

Sample From Ikea Catalog 2011 Organizations Workspace Interiors Design Ideas

Sample From Ikea Catalog 2011 Organizations Workspace Interiors Design Ideas

contemporary ikea workspace organization design ideas
We showed a preview of the 2011 IKEA catalog and now it is time for the full version. It can be accessed online, but we will show you some interesting ideas that can be found here. Last year, we will show you these ideas are divided by Chambers.

Modern Decorative Hill House Architecure Inspiration Designs by Johnston Marklee

Hill House, by Johnston Marklee & ASSOCIATES conditions designed by the modern problems of building produced on a slope. Site, a lot of irregular shape on the hills that is not flat, overlooking the Santa Monica Canyon.