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The Amazing Innovative Malibu House – Airplane Transformed Minimizing The Materials

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awesome creative malibu house transformed design

It is a plan of 747 pensioners, the impressive house in Malibu. The wings and stabilizers of the tail is used as the master of the roof of the hall. Make a roof of an Art Studio, regardless of the length of 50 meters in the first division. Housing: The roof is built from the rest of the front of the aircraft and class of cabin.

The front of the plane works well. This can be a meditation pavilion, in which one form of the cockpit window glass roof. The philosophy of this house was called Wing House, which took shape over time. this plan is like a giant aluminum can, a perfect metaphor for recycling. Because the aviation industry is one of the most voracious users of aluminum cans. Design to maximize space, but reduce the field. [via]


malibu concept house transformed decorating design

awesome ideas innovative house design pictures

amazing ideas transformed house remodeling design

amazing ideas malibu house transformed design

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