The Modern Elegant Family Home Remodeling Design by Enoki


modern elegant exterior home design by enoki

This is a beautiful and unique design of Enoch. This house Hahndorf in South Australia. This is an elegant space in which classical and contemporary styles to meet. Brick, wood and rich textures Cumulus Drop 25 to get the whole elegant and unique setting. When you visit this site, you can get the best results and local wine in an interview.

Enoka architect worked with Anni Luur Fox, who created the six stories that describe the life, cuisine and culture of the first settlers in this area. These stories are played with the help of graphical illustrations adorned the walls. There are several areas in the house. It consists of two large outdoor dining area: a cozy cafe in a room and outdoors, each with a wood stove and covered front and back of good food. There is aa private dining area that up to 20 people. [via]

elegant family room interior remodeling design

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The Modern Elegant Family Home Remodeling Design by Enoki
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