The Unusual High-Tech Fascinating Bathtub with Built-in Light from Hoesch Collection

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minimalist futuristic high tech bathtub lighting

Acrylic is the most popular and most used material for any bathtub. It is quite inexpensive, light, and easy to work with. The next popular ones are the cast iron ones. Though they are heavier, they are more durable. Fiberglass tubs are also ‘in’ as they are really cheap and have similar qualities that of an acrylic bathtub. Porcelain on steel is another option that can be considered which is reasonably priced and fairly light. An attractive look is offered by the cultured marble bathtubs, which are priced between acrylic and cast iron. Wooden bathtubs and tubs made of ceramic tiles were in demand before the arrival of the newer generation of bathtubs.

Daniel Libeskind’s first bathroom product design for HOESCH was presented at ISH 2009 for the first time. The collaboration between New York architect and quite famous bathroom brand is a true bath sculpture that plays with surfaces and geometrical volumes. The optical play of shapes, materials and built-in light creates a fascinating illusion of movement. The bathtub looks like simple bathtub with unusual shape built in other bathtub with wide edges. There isn’t whirlpool system in the tub so besides built-in light it is as simple as possible in order not to spoil its futuristic look.[via]

minimalist modern futuristic stylish bathtub design

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