Tips: Dining Room Interior Decorating Design Ideas with Photo

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minimalist dining room furniture design idea

Like other spaces planned, before designing the dining room, we must also make a list of dining needs. This is where the duty to know the needs of Architects House Dining Room. Here I explain some of the dining room needs as follows:

1. Mealtime size commensurate with the number of seats. Shape dining table has a variety of different properties in creating a dining room.

2. Minimum number of seats equal to the number of family members. Thus arbitrarily family members can gather together in one meal.

3. Storage cupboard. Storage cabinets should not exist, but the storage closet in the dining room will help ease the storage and arrangement of the dining room. Options can be a wardrobe closet low or high cabinets. One thing to keep in mind, we recommend storage cabinets have drawers to store a spoon, fork dinner knife dams.

4. Lights. Right chandelier above the dining table is usually the best match for the refectory. Dimmers or facilities that can be raised and lowered the intensity of light will greatly assist the creation of the dining room.

5. Ventilation. Ventilation is very important for any room including the dining room. Eating in the musty air and flowing very unpleasant.

minimalist white dining room furniture design

elegant dining room concept design idea

formal dining room interior and furniture

luxury dining room decorating ideas

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