Tips for Maintenance After Foundation Repair in Dallas, TX is Done

Post Foundation Repair for Your Home

The secret to making the repairs last to your home’s foundation is by changing the conditions that caused the problem in the first place. For sure you don’t want to hire foundation repair in Dallas, TX in constant basis considering the amount of money that you’ll be spending and the mess that would be around.

Plumbing leaks

This is the most common cause of foundation cracks. When water gushes out of the tubes and start spreading on the soil surrounding it, chances are the soil will start to swell because of moisture. Thus, if water starts to leak in one of your pipes, make sure that it’s repaired immediately to prevent any further damage.

Poor Drainage

Another cause of soil heaving is poor drainage. This can be prevented by regrading a part of your lot to ensure that rainwater will be drained away from the foundation of your house. Also, make sure that all your drainage pipes are carrying water away from your home’s foundation and that there should be no water ponds near your house especially during rainy season.

Post-Repair Maintenance

During dry periods, there’s a big chance that the soil on your home’s foundation will get brittle and eventually crack. Thus it’s important that you water the soil adjacent to the foundation to maintain constant moisture of the land. The whole point of this is to ensure that the water content of the soil next to and under the footing should have the same content. If it is your first time to have the repair you may check home improvement guide.

Soaker Hose

Another best solution which is often suggested by structured foundation repair Dallas is a soaker hose. These types of hoses are very helpful in maintaining the right moisture content of the soil around the foundation. The months of July to September are often the times of the year when big cracks on soil appear. Thus, it’s best that you mitigate the process of cracking before any damage happens.

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