Top Questions to Ask Luxury Home Builders in Houston, TX

What to Ask Before Hiring a Builder?

When you are thinking of building and improve your own home, you need to contact luxury home builders in Houston TX to help you make your dream home come true. Of course, before you hire one, you need to interview them first. Some questions must be ask because they are important in determining if you are hiring a professional luxury home builders in Houston TX. So, here some inquiries to ask:

How long have you been building in Houston TX?

Hiring a custom home builder is similar to hiring a team of long-term employees. You should know what’s on their resume including their work history, skills, and years of experience. In addition, a deep understanding of the local area can make a big difference in moving your project forward. It’s important for your builder to have an intimate understanding of local permitting and codes in order to complete your home without any red tape.

Can you give me a timeline of the project?

Before you hire a home builders Houston contractor to build your new custom home, ask if the company can provide you with a fixed start date and a completion date — including major milestones along the way. Ideally, your contractor should be able to list dates within an overall timetable of the work, along with a material list of everything that will be required. It’s also smart to address how change orders will affect the project’s timeline in the contract

How are change orders handled and processed?

The part of the home building process that no one wants to talk about is the change order. Changes orders occur when any revisions are made to the initial construction specifications that result in additional expenses or overages on the allowance schedule. When you request a change to your home plans or specifications, your contractor will get pricing for these new components and make a written change order. Sometimes, work on projects will stop until the homeowner agrees to the additional cost of the change order.

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