Ultra Minimalist House Made Of Boxes in Japan

ultra minimalist japanese house architecture designs

Ultra Minimalist House

The house designer from Japan has already made such modern house with stylish and ultra minimalist house design idea. This previous house is called Casa I. It’s made by Yoshichika Takagi from Japan. He had created this ultra minimalist house from boxes which stayed apart but also connected each other.

There is also place to walk between the boxes which are organized into inner patios. This is house looks bigger just because the interior of the house is made in light natural shades. Inside this modern and ultra minimalist house interior, there are furniture and floors which are made by chosen wooden. There is no bright colors and everything simple and smart. You can relax and have a meeting with your friend in the place between the boxes which are turned into bowers. [via]

ultra minimalist house made boxes designs

Ultra Minimalist House

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Ultra Minimalist House Made Of Boxes in Japan
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