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Book Store Design Structuring Cabinets and Bookshelves Inspiration

Book store design structuring arrangements of books readily available and delicious in the search as many visitors find the books you want. Bookcases store option is designed at the entrance right by way of a small space between the escalator, round pillars and glass facade with architecture. Design book stores are planned in the form… continue reading

Modern White Dream House with Open Concept by Affonso Risi Architects

This contemporary dream home located at Rua Alabadra architectural firm that designed by Brazilian architect Affonso Risi Architects. On the ground floor is raised 1 meter higher than the road surface, there is access, garages, studios and work areas. At this level, there is also a small pond. from the road surface is also smaller… continue reading

Minimalist Elegance Gray Interior Decoration Apartment Architecture Design For A Young Woman

This apartment is minimalist architect, Vitaly Pavlenko, a young woman living in the capital of Belarus, Minsk designed. The apartment of 130 square meters, the family has been optimized by two, but with a nursery.


Modern Winter Countryside Houses Decorating Style Design Ideas Pictures

modern winter countryside houses remodeling design This house is owned by Ulla Koskinen. It is the dream of his family in the middle of the spacious landscape. With its many comfortable interior and, of course, this is a great winter.


Contemporary Levitating Forest Wooden Home Architecture Natural Design Ideas

contemporary levitating house architecture design ideas Contemporary Homes Tellada seems at first glance to float. This is actually a visual illusion – the home to obtain the slope of the land, while mixing to bring the natural environment, with trees offering shade and comfort. get environmentally-friendly features a gift of Juan de Vega Foundation. The… continue reading


Unique Bubbles Box for Micro Hotel Concept Model Architectural Design Ideas

bubble boxes small apartments architecture design You always have to fly to the next destination and the hotel after booking a hotel? And if there are different ways to relax between flights, such as the right to micro-hotel at the airport? The hotel micro bubbles in the image below at home, while his occasional and… continue reading

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