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Minimalist Penthouse Light and Airy Apartment Interior Design

modern minimalist living room interior design ideas

Penthouse apartment is located on a building in South Yarra with a magnificent view over the city’s busy times Melburne. The interior is designed by architect Robert Mills, to make a light and airy as possible, the extensive art and furniture owners.

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On the lookout from Home & modern Architectural

Some towns or neighborhoods have a definite atmosphere. It is not uncommon to hear people describing places as rough, easy-going, or even pretentious. Attitudes about an area can come from the people who live there, its history or sometimes the weather.

Modern and Cool Ensanche Flat Interior Design by Miel Architects

The change from the flat space SANTPERE47 read from Barcelona Ensanche generally flat end of the 19th Century, the succession of isolated and disconnected the courtroom. Ensanche apartments.

Modern Mountain House Plans Design in Quebec, Canada

Blouin Tardif Canadian architect architecture creates a stunning rural retreat is planned mountain chalet in the town of Mont-Saint-Hilaire is located in Quebec, Canada. This wooden house in the woods is ideal countryside which offers beautiful scenery in every direction. Apart from the point of view, this house also includes natural features such as the [...]

Modern Black House Designed by Bower Architects

modern house designed Bower Architects, box-shaped houses a large and elegant black tin-roofed block to look beautiful. Not only outside, in the room has a clean layout filled with natural light and fresh air. A minimalist indoor park became the center focus of the page.