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Multifunctional Comfortable Practical Bathroom Solution for Small Apartment by Spiritual Mode

Even with limited bath space, there are some important things and basic fixture designs that we need to follow, so that our bathrooms are safe and functional. Different areas may have some typical requirements and design parameters specified by the concerned departments and we should take care to follow them because they are well studied… continue reading

The Latest Concept of Luminescent Bathtubs and Washbasins Ideas from Sopha Industries

Bathroom furniture includes bathroom vanities placed on either side of pedestal sinks, low-hung cabinets and dressers for undergarments that can be made from wood or metal. Basic bathroom suite consists of a toilet, a washbasin and a bath with matching taps and handles with perhaps bidet and mirrors. Other bathroom paraphernalia includes bathroom storage furniture… continue reading

The New High Technology Luxury Pacific Spa Tub Design Collection by Systempool

Classy and elegant fixtures and bath accessories can turn your bathroom into a personal retreat while adding a creative and fun touch to your bathroom and may increase your comfort level in the bath too. It is necessary that the bathroom always remains neat and clean and is germ-free. Master bathrooms in modern homes built… continue reading


Classical Contemporary Ceramic Bathroom Furniture Set Design by Disegno Ceramica – Neo

classic bathroom interior design ideas pictures The bathroom neoclassical Disegno Ceramica has the charm of the classic early 1900′s bathroom, but reinterpreted in a modern way. Aptly named “Neo”, this contemporary collection of sinks, bathtubs, toilets and bidets have been designed on a smaller scale, to meet today’s compact condominiums and townhouses.