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The Materials Component Designing Modern Secret Space Safe House Architecture Design

modern bunker house architecture remodeling design

The facade of this house contains a secret word for shiny glass ceiling, hidden from sight. It is a secret place with plenty of space and open attitude, beautiful. solid shell leather provides protection from the elements, complete with a bridge. There is already a fence around the dark gray layer, which raises the front of the building as the feeling of life intact.

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Modern Tropical Beach House Architecture Floating Tropical House Design on a Steep Slope – Casa Em Ubatuba by SPBR

tropical beach house plants architecture design photo

16M x 55m side of the house is situated on a hill near the coast Tenorio, Ubatuba away. This is 28m above the beach in a large and steep slopes. Almost the entire site and surrounding forests protected by environmental influences, so that there are many complications during the construction phase.

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Comfortable Open Concept Interior Decoration Layout Designs in Seattle

Comfortable Open Concept Interior Decoration Layout Designs in Seattle

Located in Seattle, designed by Jill Lewis and Lane Williams from Coop 15 Architecture has been redecorated house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The interior on the main floor is made with an open concept, cozy living room that was originally extended bedroom. New lighting, piping equipment, cabinets and finishes throughout.

Modern Prefab Villa Soltun Architecture Design by Todd Saunders Architect

The houses are carefully placed in the landscape and follow the slope of the area as a place of Nordåsvatn. Houses in the form of twists and turns of a plan to follow the site boundaries. All bedrooms are downstairs with a large, open floor.

korea architecture – asia model home

shaped roof having an unique Z for the home fans a unique model and simple. designed from the concrete and wood architecture aptly named Z House, designed by the architectural firm Hohyun Park + Hyunjoo Kim. contemporary-style house was not used to the other house. with the addition of a charming interior, the roof of [...]

Modern Contemporary Barn Style Home Design by Japanese Architecture Firm

Design Warehouse-style house with a great wood material is a unique workshop / home in Hamamatsu City, Japan’s corporate architecture Yukiharu Suzuki & Associates. This wooden house industrial chic has a “comfortable” twist that makes the work of inspiration and living room.