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Contemporary Wood Rustic Style House Design Plans – Upside-down Architecture

Make a regular house plan daily events, Hutchison & Maul architecture have this plan, rural style houses in Seattle, Washington and quiet traditional architecture, the design on its head – literally! Where the general public residence is located on the ground floor of the house, while the upper floor reserved for more private area and [...]

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Modern Style Beachfront Bungalow Residence House Design or Rent in Baja, Mexico

Gregori Residence and Beach House, in Todos Santos in Baja, Mexico is a beach lovers dream home. The home-style beach bungalows designed by Studio Gracia simple in composition and construction materials, with a focus more on the views – and rightly so! The mountains sit in a horizon, and the waves propagate on the other [...]

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Luxury Exotic Tropical Residence Architecture Design : The Fish House in Singapore

Fish House is decorated the luxury exotic residence Guz Architects, based in Singapore. The basic idea behind this house is to make a connection with nature and the environment, to ensure in particular. Fish House said, a bungalow “Tropical Modern” perfectly integrated in the climate and the environment, such as architecture and open spaces, natural [...]

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