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Modern Contemporary Sustainable Decor Southern California House – Casa Familia

contemporary courtyard sustainable house design

Casa Familia is the architect Kevin DeFreitas’ takes page design Southern California-traditional house, with a modern twist. Although small size, the modern, compact two-storey home life is far greater than what simply arranged in a square recording.

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Modern And Minimalist Bathroom Interior Ideas by Axor Bouroullec

Latest collection of bathroom furniture and a sense of real Axor designed by French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Axor Bouroullec bathroom consists of 85 items, including: mixers, washing, bathing and shower rooms for solutions, and so on.

Elegant Decorating Bathroom Furniture Remodeling For Inspiration

There are four types of storage solutions, you can select units, complete set, cabinets and accessories. Firstly, the device is a simple way to make the cabinet under your bowl, and remove the need for the stool in the bathroom. Products may have a high wall that you want, or use a floor-mounted pedestal legs [...]

Modern Temporary House Architecture of Sheldon Avenue House in London

Sheldon Avenue home is located on the plot a long, relatively narrow width in overtime Heath Conservation Area Highgate, London. The project was completed in 2003 by architects Belsize. structure of the contemporary home in nature, but the context surrounding the integration by existing forms. The design is reminiscent of a series of cells organized [...]

Contemporary Cubic Style House Design by A-Cero

The house is located in Santander / Spain, this house designed by architects from A-CERO. This modern house size 2204 sq. m. bedroom home features all the necessary possibilities for a contemporary home lifestyle. There is a garage, laundry, kitchen, a bathroom, kitchen, dining room, office, game room, small library with a cinema house, 2 [...]