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Modern Small Outdoor Design Layout Idea by Eckersley Garden Architecture – Working the angles

small outdoor design with swimming pool

This small area outside the small allotment of garden architecture, designed by Eckersley. McBride Charles Ryan Architects in to use this modern outdoor every square centimeter. Outdoor spaces and landscaping care as a swimming pool, garden and sitting area includes all part of the design.

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Modern Unique McBride’s Experimental House Design in Hawthorn

experimental house design in hawthron
McBride Charles Ryan is an Australian home-design company, specializing in the majority of experimental design. Your other projects, Klein Bottle House mathematical experiment, if the house trying to create an atmosphere dominated at home with no unnecessary parts. By selectively removing part of the globe, there is an inner sense of being inside and surrounded by gardens. Shell Ball also offers a beautiful interior in the first floor.


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Modern Luxury Gold Colored Faucet and Sinks Bathroom Fixtures Designs by Scarabeo

Modern Luxury Gold Colored Faucet and Sinks Bathroom Fixtures Designs by Scarabeo

Bathroom furniture with gold color models to make your bathroom look luxurious, elegant and modern. One of them with a complete collection of furniture such as showers, taps, even the toilet, which suit their taste.

Facebook Office Interior Concept Design Ideas

Social Networking Sites are famous for having an attractive office in terms of interior and furniture belonging. O + a studio responsible for redesigning the new offices Facebook 150.000 square feet in Palo Alto, California, USA. Employees are consulted to discover their expectations and each department is designed in a different way

Contemporary Custom Decor Timber Home Design Swiss Architecture

Swiss architectural Nimmrichter CDA Architects is the creator of atypical design wooden houses on the outskirts of Switzerland Zurich, Switzerland. And this time the wooden houses can be the conventional materials, the architecture of contemporary cool.

Modern Australian Architecture – Leaf House

amazing modern house is located in Sydney, Australia designed by Architects undercurrent of raw terrain in response to Australia. The house was designed by Architects Australia undercurrent of raw terrain in response to Australia. These artists’ studios, there are additional main house, reflecting the nature with leaves like a copper-coated zinc roof, held up by [...]