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Modern Cool Pink Kitchen Theme Color Design With Retro and Chic Look

cool pink kitchen theme interior decor

This Pink kitchen color by Julie Michiels and Iker Gil, an architect in the studio Mas, designed for its 725 square meter condo overlooking the Chicago River. Almost all are painted in a uniform color pink cotton candy.

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Minimalist Two-way Door Design – Ergon by Venetian Celegon

cool two way door design idea

The space is a premium in modern homes and a small studio apartment, one that can even square feet make a big difference. Therefore, the ultra-modern and uber-cool door Ergon Celegon rototranslating Venetian Venice as cool and chic innovations.

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Modern Contemporary Bathroom Design Inspiration from Viva Ceramica

cool contemporary bathroom architecture design

Classic look of black and white, you will receive updates, cool contemporary modern bathroom design from Viva Ceramica. Displaying inspired blend of retro-style industrial-chic, this design a contemporary, modern bathroom with white tile edge. A large-scale flowers in black and white without the addition of great interest of space, put some pop in this room otherwise sufficiently. Chic chrome fittings in the background shines with understated elegance to make room for the colorful star of this show – a purple-violet and soft-usual vanity and matching chandelier. Art with function, that really brings together a colorful accent of all these design elements. To see more elegant, modern design , visit Viva Ceramica. [via]

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Mahogany Cirque Sideboard: Elegant, Classic, and Contemporary Furniture Design by Crate&Barrel

This Elegant Furniture is design by Crate&Barrel called the “Cirque” Sideboard, it’s emitting a strong sculptural vibe and the sideboard’s highlight is its three dramatic doors wrapped in copper, the Forest Trust-supported mahogany material and the conical copper knobs. Price $1,299.00.

The Most Interesting Collection of Ceramic Bathtub Ideas with Colorful Shelf Design by Flaminia

The Most Interesting Collection of Ceramic Bathtub Ideas with Colorful Shelf Design by Flaminia

Popular bathroom color themes include the colors of wall, tiles, faucets, accessories, towels and napkins and accents such as potted plants. The traditional bathroom colors are neutral that can easily be given different tones according to your taste, just by changing the accent colors, shower curtains, bathroom rugs, towels and accessories. IO is one of [...]

The Modern Awesome Privileged View Apartment Building Design Plans in Mexico City

59 Canelos building was designed by Juan Garduño Architects / Garduño. 35 090 SQF projects in the Bosque de las Lomas, Mexico City. Houses designed for this building is adjacent to two large buildings on the shore. Architects used 50% of the area and left behind a large green area.

Glamour Luxury Designer Bathroom Collection Ideas With Interior and Furniture

Bathrooms are comfortable and elegant is the dream for people who love to linger in the bathroom. By enjoying the fragrant smell that fills your senses to relax.