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Cute Wall Stickers Design Ideas For Room Interior Decor

girls kids room with cool sticker
It is very easy and useful to decorate children’s rooms with wall stickers. They are easy to apply and remove, but to also change the appearance of the room. There are a lot of wall tattoos that are available out there. Some of them are better for the boys, while others are better for girls.

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Modern Mid Century House Design and Features a Stunning Internal Courtyard

This mid-century modern house was originally designed in 1964 by Theodore Berman. Of course now he has renovated a bit and it still has a modern look inside and outside. Two elements that distinguish this modern house from many others is the internal pages are amazing and fabulous Tiki bar. This page is located [...]

Modern and Minimalist Concrete Germann House Architecture Design by Marte.Marte

It is always interesting to see how architects, a house, build the truly minimalist and modern, very comfortable and homely and manage. Germann House is one of the architects Marte.Marte house. Looks like the monolithic structure of concrete, but more than done that. It has a cool patio and a large glass, which shows [...]

Interior Glass Doors Attractive Solution for the Modern Apartment Design

Interior Glass Doors Attractive Solution for the Modern Apartment Design

Interior glass doors most appropriate solution for a modern apartment or modern house. Italian interior doors offer a variety of design styles. Designs vary from key locks and magnetic shear. Interesting collection of modern interior doors to the entrance of modern space. Models sliding doors and swing doors of creative design. A variety of [...]

Fabulous and Minimalist Bend Sofa Design Inspiration by B&B Italia

Patricia Urquiola has designed a number of surprising corner sofa for B & B Italy, that the concept of tradition changed sofa. He has the right products Sofa Bend because monoliths also fat. Bend your sofa gives the appearance of the printed material manually from supple as a sculptor.