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Modern Tropical Beach House Architecture Floating Tropical House Design on a Steep Slope – Casa Em Ubatuba by SPBR

tropical beach house plants architecture design photo

16M x 55m side of the house is situated on a hill near the coast Tenorio, Ubatuba away. This is 28m above the beach in a large and steep slopes. Almost the entire site and surrounding forests protected by environmental influences, so that there are many complications during the construction phase.

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Ultra Luxury French Castle Architecture Design by John Henry Architect AIA

designed by John Henry Architect AIA, Renaissance residence in the French Grand Manor. Total area: about 2586 27 840 M2 or SF.

Fresh Elegant And Classic Lounge Chairs Design – Lyra by KI

Lyra is a new furniture collection is produced by the IC with a fresh and modern interpretation of classic design iconography. This consists of a lounge chair with ottoman and matching side table.

Beautiful Remodeling Residence House Architecture Design by A-cero Architects

This beautiful house, which is from A-Cero Architects have been developed. The house looks beautiful lake and parkland in the neighborhood generally scattered. The structure consists of two games on the volume of the rectangle. Porches and pergolas as volumetric elements, such as housing, which can give a personality to the front.

GB Modern Brazilian House, Abode of Unique Architecture in Brazil by MMEB architects 1.8.10

GB House is a bold architectural design of the architect in Brazil MMEB completed. 531.00 m², is impressed, this modern hotel not only in size but also in the unique architecture. Corner wall of the unexpected and spectacular outer corner of the house to look like this attractive.