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Modern Box Residence in Laurentian Mountains by Saucier+Perrotte Architects

minimalist house design in mountain

Design modern house in the mountains near Mont-Tremblant Ski Hill in the Laurentian Mountains just north of the distance of about one hour from Montreal. Mountain House is situated overlooking the green mountains and situated on the edge of the traditional wooden houses, Berghaus, without contemporary architectural expression, both modernity and tradition that reflects the local buildings.

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Contemporary Architecture Design of House 6 in Sao Paulo by Marcio Kogan

contemporary architecture design of house
Brilliant Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan to create a beautiful home in Sao Paulo, Brazil called home 6 House Marcio finished sixth after the family asked for an external casing, which can be used in everyday life. Marcio was forced to resurrect the idea of a traditional porch Building 6, where the porch is more open space, which once started the garden and swimming pool.

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Contemporary The Lulu Kati Kati House Remodel by Kate Otten Architects

Welcome to Lulu Kati “Kati”, Swahili for “pearl” in the middle “- a gem of a piece of home in the dirt at the upper end of the road, a site that is too steep for a road on the outskirts of the city of Melville, Johannesburg.

Modern Minimalist Computer Desks Design Collection Inspiration Ideas

I recently started a new desk for my PC to discover peace and find a lot of ideas that I thought worthy enough to share. Actually, looking tough. I mean, I know it will be many people out there who will be pleased with the large tables for each set of corner house.

The Sensamare Complete Contemporary Bathroom Set with Natural Touch from Hoesch

Contemporary furniture designs come in space saver varieties; functional ones making us of all the available such as vanity sink cabinet, bathroom caddie with shelves, bathroom organizers with a basket for storage and shelves for display and may be towel racks too. Wicker bathroom furniture and rattan furniture are strong, durable, light, airy and [...]

Stylish Pozuelo House in Madrid by architect A-cero

Rock style house located in the Spanish capital, Madrid, and covered with a marble shell, style buildings stand out from the crowd with a beautiful details and geometric purity. Surrounded by the books, the whole concept behind Pozuelo House. Designed by Spain practice architect A-cero around two oblique axes,, which Pozuelo House radiates [...]