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Best Luxury Villa Rental in France

fertile mountain scenery and beaches that stretch far in the legs, making the stamp villa O Ferrat in the south-eastern France, deserve to be where the rental equivalent of five-star comfort. Perch overlooking the water, hillside villa is 5 star level terrace and are designed with large glass area to take in the stunning panorama. [...]

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L-Shaped house and Crafts Styles Modern House Designed by Nicholas Cark Architects

house designed by Nicholas CARK Architects with L-shaped concept can be seen the details of natural stone cladding of the exterior appearance as the art of this house. Cladding stone into the mainstream arts and crafts style of modern architecture is applied to a visible place to live comfortably. The shape is meant to accommodate [...]

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Z-house design – Korean architects Hohyun Park and Hyunjoo Kim

Modern house with Z on the roof design is located in Gwangju Si, Gyeonggi-Do, where 30km from downtown seoul. Designed by Hohyun Park + Hyunjoo Kim Architects.
Surrounded by small houses, is on top of a hill with a deep slope. Form of planned houses for the following scenarios and roof space, which is covered by [...]

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