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The Most Interesting Collection of Ceramic Bathtub Ideas with Colorful Shelf Design by Flaminia

ceramic tile bathtub with red furniture

ceramic tile bathtub with red furniture

Popular bathroom color themes include the colors of wall, tiles, faucets, accessories, towels and napkins and accents such as potted plants. The traditional bathroom colors are neutral that can easily be given different tones according to your taste, just by changing the accent colors, shower curtains, bathroom rugs, towels and accessories. IO is one of the most interesting collections from Italian company Flaminia. This company is a quite big producer of bathroom appliances and even has several certificates which confirm the high quality of all its products. IO’s bathtubs demonstrate not only good performance but also this company’s ability to make creative and stylish products.


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Changing your Bathroom with the Modern Luxury Bathroom Ideas of Franco Pecchioli

modern luxury green bathroom interior design

Franco Pecchioli inspires you in changing your bathroom models. This is his unusual idea for modern luxury bathroom. He uses the contemporary bathroom features new ceramic tile collection. He said that the bath is Pieces de resistance from elegant bathroom. The bath is finished inside and out with mixed motives mixtures, the square wall tiles, flowered-motives and pattern at the bottom of the bath. Then you are able to choose the green color that is closer to the natural atmosphere.

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Modern Bathroom Cube & Dot Wall Tiles, Treatments and Cabinetry by Kale 2.8.10

cool futuristic bathroom wall tiles cabinet design

Cube & Dot is a collection of applications and modern bathroom wall cabinetry by Tamer Nakisci, an award-winning industrial designer, designed the name of one of the Top European Young Creative Talents 100 years in 2009, for Kale.

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Unique Contemporary Bathroom Ceramic tile design inspiration by Franco Pecchioli

amazing bathroom with ceramic tile design
Inspired by the water of life, modern bathroom tile shows a new collection of Italian designer Franco Pecchioli that definitely give you some great ideas. To inspire you, we have included many images with exceptional tile design.

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Modern MakeOvers Barn Became House Interior Architecture Designs

There are interesting ideas, makeovers old warehouse converted into a house. Taken from Canada, Russell Groves one of the architects who worked on this project. Mechanical systems, electrical and frame barn repair, refurbished but with the same look and structure. The impression a modern blend of classical interiors shown in this house. The old staircase [...]

Beautiful Bayview House by Gartner Trovato Architects

The house is located on 1200 m2 block of land with a significant fall from the road. The shape of the building takes the form of topography and land forms, he has a slim trail to allow ventilation and solar access to the entire room house keeping Pittwater views from every room. The site is [...]

Creative Suspension Pendant Lamps Lighting Fixtures Design Made of Plywood Pieces

Creative Suspension Pendant Lamps Lighting Fixtures Design Made of Plywood Pieces

creative colorful lamp made of plywood
Odor-exposed for hanging suspension lamps designed by Vibeke Normann-Schmidt Fonnesberg in Copenhagen. Sculpture in the form of light is composed of many carpentry, of wood obtained. All colored pieces in various colors and sizes.

The Latest Big Design Ideas of Modern Walk-in Closets from Doc Mobili Collection

With an increasing number of people showing their interest in interior designing, there has been much advancement in all the aspects of interiors for a house. One of the most important parts of a house interior is the closet. Closets are used to store almost everything. In order to make the maximum use of closets [...]