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Elegant White Plains Loft Small Apartment Interior Decorating Inspiring Design

elegant white plains apartment decorating design However, this white elegant apartment a great job to do. As you can see, this loft is not exactly call what might be the common and ordinary. Not only that, but it has a clear personality that can be easily captured, all the wonderful guests. This modern small apartment… continue reading


Simple And Modern Interior Design Architecture House by Agraz Architect Mexico

Luxury House Interior Design, located in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico has a modern design and attractive and designed by Agraz Arquitectos. This entry Interior Design House has been decorated by a work of art in steel called the family. Living room, kitchen, dining room and a large terrace, combine to create a space incredible feeling. marble… continue reading


Amazing Pixilated Bathroom Design Plans Made With Custom Mosaic Tile

De Meza + Architecture + Interior bathroom design is made much more attractive for 2010 San Francisco decorator Showcase. wall drunk that they are made with black and white mosaic tile is more like a work of art than a simple pattern. To make this pattern really complicated Spec Ceramics made 12 “x 12 sheets… continue reading